Meet Angelia


Thank you for visiting the home of my miniature animal creations. There is something magical and special within each one. I find much joy in breathing that ‘life’ into them. I often like to say that, although they are tiny, they have giant personalities! Each one takes on its own essence and hopefully will “speak” to a special someone and find a new home.

The miniature world and all things tiny is something I’ve had an interest in for a VERY long time! Making miniature teddy bears and other tiny beasts began in 1994 and has continued non-stop ever since; I’m hooked! I have been a Golden Teddy Award Nominee in Teddy Bear Review magazine in 1995, 1996 and 2001! Please visit my News page for more up-to-date information).

Over the years I’ve developed a personal philosophy concerning my tiny creations and it’s twofold: first I like to create bears that are just as lovable and huggable as the big ones. My favorites are the pathetic “take me home” look but in pocket size. Secondly, I don’t do limited editions. It’s just impossible for me. One teddy bear will always be different than the next. It not only keeps them all one of a kind but personally very interesting and challenging. I design new patterns all the time and this meets my creativity needs. In fact, I begin with the head and face and design the body after creating the personality. I have tons of little graph paper pattern pieces every time I do one bear or animal. (Don’t Sneeze!) It’s kind of like mix and match wardrobing! So far, the last count was 150 different patterns!

Do you like fancy dresses? I LOVE lace and trims and special fabrics and love dressing some my tiny guys in their own apparel! All the costumes are handstitched often with handmade necklaces, roses, bows and maybe their very own doll. My fairies have tiny jewels and gossamer wings, the bunnies often come decked out too. Do you like Dragons or how about a mouse wizard? Ladybugs? And just recently a Woolybear Caterpillar! Hedgehogs and snails? I make them too. Go ahead and continue your visit by looking through my photos of my tiny friends. If you want to contact me with a special request, I’d be happy to oblige. Any questions or want to get on my mailing list? Just contact me. If you have a guest book let me know, I like to sign it!